Elevator Boat Lifts

Is an Elevator Boat Lift For You?

Elevator boat lifts are designed for locations where a traditional 4 post boat lift does not work. Sometimes the location makes it impossible to use pilings, perhaps due to water traffic or location. Elevator boat lifts can be installed using pilings or a seawall. This allows you to lift a boat even in locations where there is limited clearance. These lifts are capable of lifting boats of all sizes and even if your boat is over 35,000 pounds! Elevator boat lifts are all custom designed to work in your specific location. We can help you design the right lift for shallow water applications, custom incline angles and the correct lift motors. All motors and hardware used for our boat lifts are engineered and designed to work in harsh saltwater conditions. As a dealer for both Neptune Boat Lifts and Golden Boat Lifts you can be confident that your boat lift will last for years. Complete our online request form or give us a call today to get a free consultation so that we can help you pick out and customize your boat lift to protect your boat.

Want to see more pictures of some sample 4 post boat lifts? Check out our gallery on this page.